About us

At  HYDROPOUCH we love gadgets and fitness.

We are a latino owned company committed to creating everyday gadgets to improve and be useful on our daily lives.

We know that to perform at our daily best one has to stay hydrated, but with a lot sugar options readily available for cheap, and the high prices of bottled water, one’s  best option was to bring your water bottle.

That sometimes can be cumbersome specially when you have other necessary daily carry items like work bags, cell, headphones etc.

Either you drop one while on the move getting in and out of the car or opening doors or they are uncomfortably tight inside your pockets poking against you.

So we created HYDROPOUCH  that puts together, always having your water-bottle to stay hydrated, and comfortably helping carry and organize the every day item you need,  thus freeing up your hands so you can focus on other things. 

We added the right amount of pockets and removable accessories  so you can customize it to any way you like it, while still keeping it minimalistic

We decided to add some color and personality to it, and…bam!

HYDROPOUCH was born.